Frequently asked questions

No, it is an open access website.
Yes, you can contact a landlord/developer directly through PurpleYo

You can contact a landlord/developer directly by following the below steps:

  • Login using Social media accounts or PurpleYo account
  • Then, go to the property details page
  • Once you go to the property details page, you can see the "Contact" button below the property image.

    contact developer

  • You can click this button to get the details of the landlord and directly get in touch with them.
  • After sending the message, you will receive the contact details for the landlord/developer on your mobile and email
  • You can enter the desired location or city name in the Search Bar on PurpleYo homepage
  • You can also add details in the Filters to get filtered results
  •  filter

  • You can filter the search results based on property type, size, building status and whether it is for sale or rent
  • In office option it allows you to choose the floor status, the size you are looking for, if you want it for sale or rent and also the status of the building
  • Where as in Retail it allows you to choose the floor, Sale / rent, size you are looking for and also the building status
  • Retail Space - Showrooms, shops, restaurant space etc.

Types of properties listed on PurpleYo are:

  • Office - Small, Mid size and Large
  • SEZ
  • STPI
  • Retail Space - Showrooms, shops, restaurant space etc.
  • Platinum / Gold / Silver tags are the properties that are our paid service for whom we provide premium services like digital marketing and market analytics.

One of the mission of PurpleYo is to provide transparent and structured information about buildings - properties to the end users. To fulfill this purpose, we have identified key and common parameters of the building which are industry standard and precise.

  • Overview - Displays the property picture(s), total size, Index, user rating and review.
  • 48 parameters covering infrastructure and amenities in the building are captured in a structured format on our site. You can view these by clicking on the building image on the search page.
  • The captured parameters are segregated into 3 categories – building attributes, building safety and security and other features. This information is all that an occupier requires to validate if building meets their requirement.
  • Detailed availability, status etc of floors are shown on the property dersils page. You can directly get in touch with the Developer / Owner of the property by clicking on the contact icon on the available floors.
  • Analytics - Analytics allows you to see where the property ranks amongst other properties with respect to " index" , "views" and number of additions on " boards"
  • Map - The green icon on the map indicates the location of the selected property. You can view “nearby places” (Bus stop(s), metro station(s), bank / Atm(s) etc. within a range of 0 - 10 kilometres.