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Why PurpleYo

We understand that loans drive businesses. Speed and time are of utmost importance when you need a loan. Each business is unique and requires a unique solution. We specialize in all kinds of business loans. Be it for 25 Lakhs or 500 Crores. We have extensive relationships with Banks, NBFC’s and financial institutions across India. Business loans are often complex and depending on your business require expert structuring advice.

Often Banks and NBFC’s reject your loan because you may not have 3 years of income tax returns filed or you might not have enough cash flow on your balance sheet but at PurpleYo we work with you to structure your loan documents to ensure the chances of your loan getting approved are maximized. Our experts will work with you to understand your cash flow and financials in detail, understand what kind of collateral or guarantees you can provide and structure the best possible solution.

Also when you apply through PurpleYo we ensure we find you the lowest interest rates in the market, be it from a single financial institution or from multiple. Our proprietary technology helps us determine your loan eligibility and react fast to your loan requirements and ensures we respond fast.

Business Loan: Features and Benefits

With low interest rates and generously flexible repayment options, business loans can give the much needed boost to your business, enhancing your competitiveness and profitability. Loan for business gives a credit line facility, enabling you to expand your business to new heights, upgrade your existing business to latest machineries and equipment, scale up the growth and much more, at minimal repaying options.

Advantages for SMEs: Whether you are expanding into a new vertical or growing your existing business, you can avail of a small business loan for finance. In today’s fluxing economic climate, nearly any enterprise can see immediate growth as long as they use the business loan wisely.

What Can You Use a Business Loan for?

Working capital: Business loans are great for businesses that sometimes require loans to meet their daily operations needs until their earnings are adequate to help them become sustainable over time. Applying for a working capital loan can help your business get off the ground and grow further without faltering for lack of funds. And as your business grows and its assets enable it to earn money, you can repay your business loan.

Business expansion: If your business is turning a profit and has a positive cash flow, chances are that you are probably looking to expand operations and increase your reach. You can apply for a business loan to ensure your firm or enterprise keeps on going strong, and use the loan for leasing a new office space, hiring more workforce, building efficient technological support, procuring raw material, increasing your marketing, etc.

Buying machinery or equipment: One good reason to apply for a business loan to buy equipment is that you can use the equipment for its life and later sell it for a salvage value. Make sure you do a cost-benefit analysis before you buy or lease equipment.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is often the backbone of companies and business owners can use a business loan to acquire delivery infrastructure or processing facilities. Business loans from PurpleYo are also ideal to pay for acquisition of infrastructural facilities.

Inventory turn load Business loans from PurpleYo can fund your purchase of a large amount of inventory to gear up for your busy season and make sure that there is no lag time between demand and supply.

Available for women entrepreneurs Business loans can cater to the financial needs of women entrepreneurs, giving them funds to create a competitive business. The loan can be a turning point for your business, making a huge difference in your company's cash flow and thus setting it on a path for faster growth.


Line of credit facility

Business loan allows you to avail ‘line of credit’ facility, also known as ‘flexi line’. Line of Credit is a unique credit facility given to our loan applicants, wherein you are approved for certain limit of credit/ loan, for a said duration. The monthly instalment for Line of Credit will consist only of the interest amount and will not have a principal component on a monthly basis. The principal amount of loan is to be repaid at the end of the tenure of the facility. Hence, it acts as a big saving arm to your cash flows.

Benefits of Line of Credit

  • Your monthly instalment is only the interest amount charged for the month, unlike any other term loan.
  • Access all your loan related information or transactions online at our customer portal
  • You can opt to part- prepay your loan amount, anytime of the year, with no additional charges.
  • No additional cost levied on withdrawals/ drawdown
  • Convert your term loan into line of credit, anytime of the year
  • Bullet repayment option available at the end of the year.